The bricklaying workshop provides students with experience of working with a wide range of construction techniques to develop their skills and techniques in areas such as cavity walling, solid walling, complex work and decorative work.

The workshop includes five work areas to learn different brickwork disciplines , a changing area and a mixing bay as well an interactive board to help students with their studies.

In the workshop area there is a bench saw for cutting masonry, a pug mill for mixing mortar, a forklift truck and a lift for moving building materials down stairs.

The hub provides industry standard training to apprentices, school leavers and adult learners, enabling them to learn bricklaying skills and techniques that are widely used in the industry, how to use the equipment correctly and safely within a safe and secure environment.

This workshop has everything needed to help students develop their hand skills through academic learning, then putting this knowledge into practical activities in a safe place without the pressures put on them in a real-work environment.

Our students develop skills in communication, team building and practical hand skills required for bricklaying, including:

  • Safe working practices
  • Information, quantities and communicating
  • Building methods and construction technology
  • Interpret working drawings to set out masonry structures
  • Solid walling. isolated and attached piers
  • Cavity walling forming masonry structures
  • Solid and cavity walling

"Sunderland college has an excellent construction department with excellent lecturers and that is why I send all of my apprentices there."

Ian King, managing director, King Brothers Bricklaying Contractors Limited.

Brickwork and construction at Sunderland College

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