Essential Skills are important life skills and are used every hour of every day. They will help you to achieve your best in your studies and progress to your dream career.

  • Employers and universities want you to have them
  • They will help you to progress to higher level study
  • They will ensure you a better job
  • You will be able to access more career opportunities
  • They will help you earn more money in the future
  • They will provide you with better life opportunities

Workplace skills

Maths, English and IT are essential skills for the workplace and for life. If you haven't achieved a GCSE in Maths or English (or equivalent) previously, our courses are completely free. We will break down barriers to learning and support you with these essential qualifications to achieve your goals!

Blended Learning

Our courses are delivered in the classroom. However, for those who may find it difficult to attend on some occasions we offer blended learning which will allow you to complete up to 20% of your course from home via remote sessions and independent study. You can discuss your individual circumstances with your tutor to sort out the best option for you

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