Before you start your course, you should make sure you are prepared with the right equipment.

For some courses, you will need to wear a uniform, similar to those that you'd wear in the workplace, other subjects you may need personal protection equipment (PPE), and some you will just need a well-stocked pencil case and stationery!

Take a look at our handy guides to find out when your course will be starting, what you can expect on your first day and what you will need to bring with you.

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Tips for the summer

Make the most of your freedom and have an amazing summer!

Say goodbye to school routine and your uniform.

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Trying something new, develop a new skills or play a new sport. 

Get familiar with your route to college.

Kick start your CV with a summer job or voluntary work.

Open a bank account if you're starting an apprenticeship so you don't miss a pay day.

Don't forget to enrol on your course over the summer.

Prepare for your first day at college with any stationery or equipment you'll need.

Spend quality time with friends and family before your new adventure starts!