Year 11s - apply to study A-Levels now!

Here at Sunderland College, we're giving you the opportunity to get ahead with A-Levels starting now, throughout the Summer at your own pace, with our Get Ahead programme!

The Get Ahead programme gives everyone who has applied to study A-Levels with us in September, access to a range of learning activities and resources, from the comfort of your own home, for all of your favourite subjects, to give you a taste of sixth form life!

If you're still a little unsure on the subjects you're going to study with us, it's a great opportunity to try out the resources to help you make that final decision.

Make the best use of your final term and your Summer – Get Ahead with us for September!

Get Ahead with us

Get Ahead this summer

Personal Development

Coming to college is the time to experience a new independence, discover a self-belief for who you want to be and to be super excited about your future potential.

When you start college, you will be allocated a dedicated Personal Tutor who will help you settle into college life and be your first point of contact for any issues you have. You will be allocated 1 hour of Personal Development (or PD) on timetable every week and you will spend time with your Progress and Development Tutor who will offer support and introduce you to lots of different topics to help you develop a range of skills to prepare you for your next steps!

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Tips for the summer

Make the most of your freedom and have an amazing summer!

Say goodbye to school routine and your uniform.

Connect with us on social media to get useful updates.

Trying something new, develop a new skills or play a new sport. 

Get familiar with your route to college.

Kick start your CV with a summer job or voluntary work.

Open a bank account if you're starting an apprenticeship so you don't miss a pay day.

Don't forget to enrol on your course over the summer.

Prepare for your first day at college with any stationery or equipment you'll need.

Spend quality time with friends and family before your new adventure starts!