You'll find that there is so much more to experience at Sunderland College than studying.

Universities and employers are looking for more than a qualification. During your time with us, we will provide you with a great experience and lots of opportunities so you can develop the skills and qualities that they demand.

We will provide you with amazing enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular activities to help you develop essential life and employability skills.


You could take part in:

  • National and international trips and visits
  • Community engagement (e.g. cultural festivals and local projects)
  • Clubs and societies (e.g. the debating society, bilm club and biology club)
  • On the Bring, our college theatre group

Skills competitions

You'll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and showcase your newly developed skills and talent in regional, national and even international competitions. They will look great on your CV and will develop your high-level technical skills. They will also build your confidence and resilience and will help you to develop valuable skills.  

Enriching your time at Sunderland College

Through our extensive enrichment programme, you will develop essential life and employability skills to prepare you for an exciting new future. You can take part in activities including university projects and the Extended Project qualification.


These new experiences and opportunities will help you to:

  • Discover a natural talent for something new
  • Fulfil your potential
  • Increase your confidence and reduce anxiety
  • Develop your personal qualities and transferable skills such as creativity, self-discipline, ambition and leadership
  • Find out you're capable of more than you think

How to get involved