Make the most of new opportunities

There are so many opportunities at college to grow as a person, develop new skills, do something you love and get involved in life-changing experiences. Embrace them and you'll have the time of your life.

Get to know your way around

Take time to familiarise yourself with the campus you will be studying at. check our our online virtual tours before you start, and find out where everything is without even leaving your home!

If you need help just ask

It's normal to feel nervous during the first few weeks, as you start your new journey at college. If you need help or feel overwhelmed, talk to you personal tutor or one of our expert counsellors who will give you all the support you need to settle in.

Don't worry about fitting in

Our student family is a diverse mix of personalities and cultures. And that's what makes it so interesting! Just be yourself and accept others for who they are. 

Be open-minded

Get to know people who are different, try something new and step out of your comfort zone. It will enrich your life. Seriously, it will! 

Believe in yourself

You have been given a place on your course because we know you can do this and we believe in you. You might find the first few weeks challenging but believe in your abilities. You've got this!

Why college is different to school

There’s a whole new world of opportunities waiting for you at college!

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Our College Values

Respectful. We are all humans who live in the same world, do the same things, and make the same mistakes. Students are encouraged to treat everyone with respect, accept differences and be kind. 

Authentic. Students are encouraged to stay true to themselves and others, develop a good reputation and be honest.

Innovative. Students are encouraged to make a real difference. to think creatively and find new ways of doing things. To be curious, find answers to questions and learn from their mistakes. 

Ambitious. Students are encouraged to be positive and have high expectations for themselves. To give life a purpose, challenge themselves, explore and experiment, and be inspired.