The machine shop has a wide range of industry standard hand tools and precision equipment, creating an engineering environment dedicated to taking the theoretical knowledge that is learned in the classroom and applying it to practical real-life sessions. 

  • XYZ trainer lathes 
  • XYZ milling machines 
  • XYZ CNC 2-OP milling machine 
  • XYZ CNC lathe 
  • XYZ horizontal bandsaw 
  • Pillar drills 
  • Pedestal grinders 
  • Surface grinding machine 
  • Specialist hand tools 
  • Precision measuring equipment 
  • Equipment for mechanical maintenance activities 

To ensure our students learn in industry standard facilities and professional working environments to give you best start in their future engineering career.

Our students develop real hand skills and machining skills that are essential for a future career in Engineering. They experience the expectations and technologies that are used in the workplace and develop an understanding of mechanical engineering.

  • A wide range of machining activities from turning and milling, to drilling and grinding. 
  • Development of hand skills like hack sawing and filing. As well as precise marking out activities. 
  • Putting theory to practice on the wide range of industrial equipment. 
  • Measuring tasks involving high precision equipment like Digital Vernier's and Micrometres. 
  • CNC programming development. 
  • Mechanical maintenance activities like taking apart, fault finding, replace or repair and reassembly of a variety of mechanical assemblies. 
  • The importance of PPE like safety glasses and protective clothing and general health and safety within a mechanical engineering setting. 
  • Risk assessments within an Engineering environment. 
  • Understanding and implementing the 5S model for a safer and more efficient workplace. 

“As an apprentice in my first year I was able to develop essential machining and hand fitting skills in the machine shop which I have successfully transferred to my workplace. 

I have since realised just how much the machine tools and equipment are in line with what we have in my place of work. The sessions in the machine shop really helped to prepare me for industry.” 

John Coulson, Level 3 apprentice, Marelli 

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