Our electrical engineering workshops provide learners with access to industry level facilities including motor control rigs, PLC Training Systems and realistic work areas for practical activities. 

  • PLC test rig
  • Industrial conveyor maintenance equipment
  • Motor speed control and testing
  • Realistic work bays

To give learners the opportunity to learn in an area that offers a realistic engineering environment whilst developing industrial work readiness. 

The design of the area means it offers students an experience of the type and scope of work that they will be faced with in industry. They also learn the key skills and behaviours that employers need in a safe and structured environment.

  • Practical Assessments for study programme learners and apprentices 
  • Hands on experience of the tools and equipment used in industry 
  • The ability to transfer theory learned in the classroom into a practical setting via experiments 
  • Risk Assessments related to electrical engineering
  • Working to strict deadlines for the completion of tasks to simulate the pressure of working in the Maintenance Engineering sector 

"Being able to develop my skills at college gave me the added edge when applying for apprenticeships as could showcase my skills I had learned. Because of this I am now returning to the college complete my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Engineering. 

Connor TurnerLevel 3 Engineering Apprentice (currently working at Prima Cheese) 

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Engineering needs creative people who can solve problems and use specialist skills to find solutions. You could work in lots of different areas of engineering including mechanical, electrical and civil. A career in engineering will give you a real opportunity to change the world and shape the future!

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